Car Lockout

Reasons For What Car Lockouts Can Happen


A lockout in a car can occur due to several reasons. One of the most common causes is simply losing or misplacing the key to the vehicle. The driver cannot unlock the doors and start the engine if the key is not in the car or within reach. Another common cause of lockout is a malfunctioning or broken key. If the key is bent, chipped, or otherwise damaged, it may not work properly in the lock or ignition. You need a reliable car lockout service to solve the problem. 


Another reason for lockout is a faulty door lock mechanism. This can happen due to wear and tear on the lock itself or on the locking mechanism within the door. If the lock or mechanism is broken, it may not be able to open or close properly, preventing the driver from accessing the car. A lockout can also occur if someone accidentally locks the keys inside the car. 

In some cases, the lockout can also occur due to a security feature on the car. For example, some cars have a feature that prevents the doors from being opened if the key is not in the car. This is a safety feature to prevent theft, but it can also cause lockout if the driver forgets the key inside the car or if the key is malfunctioning.

Things to do in a car lock-out situation 


A lockout in a car can happen due to various reasons, such as losing or misplacing the key, a malfunctioning or broken key, a faulty door lock mechanism, a dead battery or a critical fob. To prevent a lockout, it’s essential to keep a spare key, regularly maintain and check the key, lock, and mechanism, and be aware of the car’s security features. 


If you experience a car lockout, use a spare key, call a locksmith, or contact your car’s roadside assistance service for help. You can also try using a coat hanger or a slim jim to open the door, but someone with experience or professional help should only attempt this. In case of a dead battery, jumpstarting the car or replacing the battery will be helpful.

To solve car lockouts, you need a 24/7 locksmith service


Whenever you are in a car lockout situation, your best option is to contact a car locksmith to help you.


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Car Lockout
Car Lockout

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